Have been taking it for a while now…

April 6, 2009 at 4:36 pm

Thanks for the replies…
First, I am very bad about taking pills…I usually take pills two times daily, (morning and night), even though prescriptions are written for me to take three or four times a day…okay, yeah–naughty me…
With the Mestinon 60mg, my neuro wrote the script about 1 1/2 years ago for twice daily, which I have been taking, then about 1 year ago, increased it to four times daily when I was having choking/swallowing problems again.
I took it for a few days, then naughty me, went back to the two times daily.
I guess I should have been taking it for the FOUR TIMES DAILY, as now the swallowing/choking is getting worse.
NOW, I am definitely taking it four times a day.
Like I mentioned in my post–I cannot tell if it is or is not helping me, as it is something you can’t tell…Though, even though I am still slowly sliding downhill, perhaps if I wasn’t taking the Mestinon, it could be worse, (?).
My neuro told me the article he saw, said it would help with dysautonomia, (problems from neuropathy hitting the autonomic system).