Have been on Prednisone since 1993.

November 22, 2008 at 6:02 pm

Hi Tim! I have been on Prednisone a very very long time and seen probably the most damage from the drug. But I have been long term prednisone Meaning every single day since 1993 but did wean off and was free 4 years. So we are looking at 12 years of prednisone and it’s been an average of at least 10mgs a day on up to 60 mgs and also the pulse steriods too that were very high doses. With what you are taking and the little time taken, you most likely won’t have any damage from it in the future.
Me! I do have Osteosporsis which was most likely prednisone induced. The B-12 problem most likely was also caused by it. Long term you have a chance of getting infections much easier than the average person, weight gain. So far these are the only problems I have had. After taking it so long my body has adapted to it. Meaning I don’t eat like a pig like I did when I first started on it! So I am more careful with my foods I eat.
Over all I have been fairly lucky as far as having bad bad side effects. Just Osteosporsis, Infections I get easy so I am careful about that too! B-12 and Vitamin D problems. But other than that, I have been fortunate. Considering how long I have been on it!
For me! I am grateful that they have Prednisone for without it I would have already been dead. Prednisone has given me 16 years of life that I would not have seen otherwise. I would have died at an early age and not seen my children grow up or my grandchildren.
So that drug has given me extra time that I would not have seen years ago if it didn’t exist. It does have it’s risk factors but so do many other drugs around. Some of the newer drugs they have I have had more problems with and had reactions too. And yet Prednisone seems to be the one drug that has helped me more than any of the other drugs I have taken.
The only problems with any medications is when you take one, for some reason others seem to follow.
Here is what I have to take every day!

Prednisone 10mgs. But right now that has increased to 30mgs.
Ibuprophen 800mgs 3 x day
Plaquinel 400mgs a day
Gabapentin 300mgs 5 times a day
Clonazepam 1mg at bedtime
Zanax .25 3 x day
Ambien 10mgs at bedtime
Singular 10mgs at bedtime
Albuterol 0.83 Nebulizer Treatments 1 Vial 4 times a day
Maxair AutoHaler 2 Puffs 3 times a day
All 11 of these drugs were started on me 16 years ago because of Central Nervous Systemic Lupus. Also have Lupus lung disease. Fosamax was added later on.
Now I have to take
Vitamin D 50000 IU
B-12 Injections
and IVIG Rituximab which I don’t like taking. Gives me the runs! LOL!
18 different drugs and the list keeps growing. Lets just say the older we get we will most likely see things happen to our health that will increase medication usage. I had to start out early because of having Lupus. But without those drugs above I would have never seen a longer life and those drugs have given me 16 extra years and maybe possibly more.
I think you are going to be fine taking that prednisone. Now if you have to take it like I have had, then there would be some concerns to worry about. But I think you will be okay! The amount of time he has you taking it, is really short term and should not cause any problems. It’s the long term treatment that can cause concern. You’re going to do great! Hugs!
Linda H