Happy Mother’s Day Claire

May 9, 2009 at 6:18 pm

Happy Mother’s Day Claire! Glad you are having a little less pain. I have tried all kinds of different meds for that neuropathy and Gabapentin is about the only drug that works for me. The rest of them just aren’t as effective. But I do have tylenol with codiene for breakthrough pain but not allowed to take it every single day. Only as needed and that is monitored. Meaning I get maybe 4 pills RX a month and that’s it. I keep a stash of it though! LOL! Two large bottles from where I had teeth pulled and ER visits for injuries. I save those suckers like they are gold! And when I need it I take it! But try not too unless I get really miserable then I have no choice.
When I injured my spine they even gave me Methodone. Still have a full bottle of that. I’m scared of that Methodone. Most of the time I take average 800 mgs Ibuprophen and that seems to help with the pain. Being a lupus patient though I take alot of pills everyday. Have no choice as they are the only way to treat my disease. Stinks taking 28 to 35 pills a day! I’m surprised my liver hasn’t blown out. Alot of Inflamatory Medications I have to take. All with side effects too!
Happy Mother’s Day Claire!
Linda H