Happy Birthday, Dear GBS!

July 8, 2007 at 9:16 pm


The title alludes to a book of poetry by Gregory Corso, The Happy Birthday of Death, in case anyone is interested. Doubtful, huh?

My wife’s illness began on July 2, 2006, and as in most instances no “trigger” for the onset could be determined. Perhaps excessive job-related stress that weakened her immune system and left her vulnerable to many possible illnesses? Who knows? It was very hot in England during the time that she became ill, and extremes of weather seem to affect negatively GBSers. Perhaps there is some relationship between weather and the onset of GBS; however, I doubt it would be very significant one.

I remember that in the 19th century those seriously ill with consumption
(tuberculosis) were often advised to move the drier, more temperate climates.
It seldom helped. The poet John Keats moved from England to Italy to alleviate his consumption but died shortly thereafter. Modern medicine with its arsenal of antibiotics, etc. has found usually more effective means for treatment. Perhaps the time will come for when more effective means will be found for treating GBS. One can always hope. Hope: a quiet cancer that knows no cure.