H1N1 vaccine,also

March 29, 2010 at 11:08 am

I had the vaccine (injectable, Sanofi Pasteur) on October 29th and since then I have progressed to almost the exact point as you. I wound up in the hospital for 5 days with my digestive system completely shut down and had all the tingling etc…Now, it is all muscular with fatigue and perceived weakness, since I get tired even chewing a cracker or brushing my teeth. My neurologists (3) have given me the same frustration you are feeling with an inability to really figure out what is going on. All my tests have come back negative, which happens about 60% of the time despite positive disease. They are hesitant to use IV IgG and steroids etc…because often those treatments are very harsh and even as dangerous as the disease itself, so they use it conservatively when someone is really bad. Additionally, it often does nothing if treatment comes long after the onset of symptoms. I am wondering what vaccine you got, if you feel like sharing, and did you report the adverse event to the CDC [url]http://vaers.hhs.gov/index[/url] ? Also, how are doing these days? Are you feeling any relief from the symptoms? I really hope you are and you are in my thoughts. I totally empathize.
All my best.
Chris Fraker (Hollywood, FL)