Guesswork, Isn’t what Our getting a diagnosis IS about?

February 12, 2010 at 10:46 pm

To every and any doc I saw during after and later from my ‘onset’ -Foremost ALL were told there was a strong familial history of Cancer on one family side. IGNORED. As issues progressed and I knew I had to go and get as many second opinions as I COULD while I COULD? It was never an issue raised …
funny that? To be diagnosed w/cancer less than 15 months from the PN onset is telling in a way, but no way to PROVE IT? Because testing wasn’t either a priority nor a protocol for any neuropathies…It is very rare. That may change since in the last three years Cancers are now being called ‘immune diseases’ which they are and they can be ‘culprits’ not seen for 3-7 years later. In my own family other than the C, only allergies and cataracts are ‘reliables’. No other dramatic illnesses, nor signs of anything in siblings nor children or grandkids WHEW?. {AMEN!} No diabetes, nothing stands out…anywhere in my large family. Was it the luck of the draw? OR that I got TWO different types of POLIO shots as a kid? Don’t think so. I merely had a set of ‘events’ pneumonia plus long term anti-b’s taken for too long that started the immune system to go whacko. In the simplist of terms. Lots of chemistry, biology and genetics involved, but nothing that stands out as ‘THE ONE’ cause. I was diagnosed w/cancer after the CIDP. Believe me, all I said was ‘What’s next?’ Stuff happens and we are the beneficiaries. Hang in there tho? WE appreciate life and love and hope far more than most! I just want to get back to the living, loving and giving hope to others more and sooner! Hope and don’t lose patience with yourself. Just keep trucking as they used to say. You can complain and moan about things, [which YOU don’t?] but you can work to help yourself get better! It’s not easy, and there could be set-backs, but it can be done! Never lose faith in yourself!