Guess what my governor did?

October 4, 2008 at 4:05 pm

Here we have been hearing on TV about America being broke and that we need a 700 Billion Dollar Bailout! My governor Mike Easley two days after announced that our State bought Grandfather Mountain and 13 Billion Dollars! 13 Billion! Here we are in financial crisis and he goes out and buy a freaking mountain! Boy did that put a bug up my behind! A say they are all a bunch of crooks in office. They have been showing one town in my area where they have placed tents for the homeless right now. Some that got kicked out of renting and their landlord foreclosed. And my Governor purchases a Mountain. He could have saved that money and spent it on the people that live here. Better yet! Placed it on that 700 Billion Bailout saving the Gov from having to do a bailout. Add 52 States and their surplus and see if there is enough! I was furious when I saw this on TV!