great measurements over time

January 28, 2011 at 12:47 pm

hello to everybody, I hope you are in good spirits today

Some great things at physiotherapy this week
-I did 60 (20 X 3) situps on Wednesday; I couldn’t get up from the floor 6 months ago
-I can sit on my heels again where i could barely bend my knees after the hospital
-I’m using the treadmill. I always hated these instruments of torture. Though it wasn’t pretty and I had one spectacular wipeout (forgot the safety clip) I am now able to walk fast on an incline for 30 min.

Other good things
-My sons are bringing home straight A’s (or whatever the extremely political correct term is today)
-Lisa completed two paintings over the last week. I’m hoping she keeps it up and produces enough for a small show.

Also, I just ate one of the finest pieces of dark chocolate I ever had, thanks to my gorgeous friends Alice and Sophie for that-you babes are wonderful!

Please post some positive thoughts:)

love life!