Granddaughter had vaccinations three months prior to GBS

June 7, 2008 at 12:39 am

Does anyone know if the vaccinations are connected to GBS? Doctors first thought the onset was sudden, all in two-three days from onset. I had to tell them when the doctors called me of all the times she was calling me from ITT telling me things were not right with her body. One I remember was one month and three wks prior to onset. She called and said Grams could I have a heart problem, my left arm is numb, tingling and my left side of chest hurts all the way to my ear. I told her to see a doctor thinking she most likely pulled something being so physical in training, she was still in ITT. I wish to get her records of all her doctor visit before her leave, she call me several times with complaints that are just like what these symptoms are. I can’t seem to get anyone to send them. I would love to know exactly what they diagnosed her with each time that last 3 weeks before coming home.
Also I am not sure I understand how they decide the diagnosis of GBS and CIDP…..maybe Josh’s mom can tell me how they decided that for your grandson?
Thank you all for the nice warm welcome and help.