Got your messages

September 25, 2008 at 9:33 pm

OK, OK, I’ve checked out the info at the bottom of this screen, and found a couple of interesting pages which I’ll check out in the next few days, health permitting. It remains to be seen how much that will help; I’m too far away from any place for a support group or the kind of medical testing I’d need.
I appreciate all the advice, but believe me, I know the health care system
of Canada well. If there was any help, wouldn’t I have it by now?

To date, I’ve seen the doctor twice and told him all about it, called his receptionist once and told her all about it, been to the hospital twice and told the receptionist and blood-work technician all about it, called the flu clinic back and told them all about it, told my sister who is a nurse all about it, told one of my music students who is a nurse all about it, told everybody who’s asked me all about it. As a result, I am exhausted and frustrated, and no better off than before. So I just get on with my life, and do the best I still can with it, and put up with all the pain and symptoms. Right now, I still have that terrible headache which has been bothering me for the past 24 hours; I’m worn out with it.