Got the little one napping right now~ Whew!

October 21, 2008 at 4:22 pm

Finally got Hanna to sleep! She’s kept me busy today. I’ve been kissed on, slobbered on and had the rocking chair going! LOL! She’s a mess! Normally I have Andy home but he had to work today. So it’s been a bit tougher today being by myself!
Figured I would come in here and post real quick before she wakes up and then I won’t be able to get online.
Talked to my daughter and Hailey is getting released. They are waiting for the nurse to get the discharge papers. Doctor felt like she was going to be okay and saw no major problems. She’s just got a nasty goose egg on her head that is going to hurt a few days!
The bus that she rides on is supposed to have seat belts. But little Miss Sneaky took her’s off and so did another student on the bus. So when the bus got slammed into, it slung Hailey causing her to pop her head on the seat part in front of her and she popped her lip busting it open. But then fell on the floor board and then she landed on her wrist wrong. Not sure how she got the knee injury. It was a tiny cut on her knee but where it was needed stitches because of the bending of her knee. She got on the phone and had to tell me what happened to her!
My daughter is going to take her home and see how well she does tonight and if there are no major problems then she will pick up Hanna in the morning and take her to daycare and bring Hailey to come and stay with me until Friday. My daughter right now really can’t afford being out of work. We talked about it last night and I told her I would watch her if needed. Her husband’s hours got cut back and they are worried he may loose his job. This economy right now is effecting so many. He works for an auction company and they auction off cars! Something that is not really selling to much right now because of tightened credit limits.
Called Andy and told him to pick up some majic markers at Walmart! Going to have to draw some things on Hailey’s cast! I think the bus driver was afraid of getting a ticket and told everybody that the kids were wearing seatbelts. He wasn’t paying attention! Two kids got admitted last night. My grand-daughter and another child. Not sure what was wrong with the other child.
The guy that got flown out by helicopter was very critical with a major head wound and alot of bleeding. Another person got injured pretty bad also but don’t know what kind of injuries.
My son in law talked to some folks he knows in that area and they talked about the guy that got flown out and said he was really torn apart. Have a feeling he didn’t make it or may not make it!
All but two children got sent home. Most of them were complaining of thier necks hurting. Alot of whiplash!
Little Miss Sneaky told me today she promises now to wear her seatbelt.
And is now excited that she is coming to Nanna’s house to stay this week.
Wanted to know if we were going to McDonalds and Walmart! LOL!
Usually when they come to stay here… we take them to McDonald’s and buy them a Happy Meal. Then we go to Walmart and either buy them a pretty outfit which she loves getting and sometimes a toy! Ohhh boy!
There goes Nanna’s money! Think I will do something different though because she is sick right now. Will order pizza! And have pizza night and rent a movie! Next night maybe get Andy to pick her up a Happy meal and buy her a an outfit and a toy and bring it home!
Only going to be one problem that my daughter didn’t think about! When she drops off Hailey tomorrow, Hanna is going to have a fit! That is going to make Hanna mad! Taking her away from Nanna and leaving Hailey behind. LOL! I can just hear my daughter in her car right now! And it hasn’t even gotten here yet!
Besides being sore and a little whiny.. she’s going to be okay. I did not see the video until this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. Did not know there was that many cars involved either! Several children were very lucky yesterday. It could have been worse. Just sad there are two people right now in really bad shape and no telling what their families are going through right now.
Bad thing! My grand-daughter was 1 mile away from being dropped off at her home.
Well better get offline! Got to finish my dinner real quick before my other little sneaky wakes up! Hugs
Linda H