Got The List!

July 31, 2006 at 11:52 pm

Thankyou Gene for the info. I went to the Hospital today and called for another consult. The neurologist did a flip flop on us. His words were as follows: I woke up this morning and thought about how the plasmapherisis needs to be done. I could not in my right mind go on vacation (tipical Doctors story) till the 13th of august and leave Billy in the lurch. So, I want to transfer him to Pensacola Wednesday, and begin the treatment.
I backtracked to last Friday and the story he gave me about the pulmonary Doctor and how he would not move Billy unless he thought it was right. Then I proceeded to ask him questions such as, If they start this treatment, how would it effect the treatment that has already been done. He said that my questions were good ones. He doesn’t know where I am getting all of this at.
My daughter said, let them go ahead and transfer him and get the treatment started. Monitor how this Dr. Frank handles things then if it is not to your satisfaction, request one of the Doctors on the list to come in and take over.
Anyways, I have ammo. So again thankyou for coming through.
Billys day was a good one. He was alert most of the day and let me know he is ready to fight back. I told him that his only job was to rest and let the medicine do the work. I figured they have turned down the sedative to wake him up alittle. This evening when they put a new bottle of the Sedative on the IV machine he tried to tell them no more. He realized today that alot of time had gone by and he doesn’t remember where it went. The Lasix worked in getting the water off. Today was the first time I had seen his hands look normal. His respiratory vitals stayed stable today, even when they turned him. The Pulmonary Doctor said if the treatment will help him get off of the ventilator then we need to go ahead. But as of this evening the two Doctors had not consulted with one another.
I just know that getting him into a better hospital is going to be a relief. Not just for myself but for him.
I was reading some of the “Things I wish They Knew” earlier. All of the things they talked about is exactly what Billy has been through. The shame, the embarrassment, the helplessness, and the trapped feeling. And when one of us, the nurses, the Doctors, and PT would touch him he would scream from the pain. Today they tried to talk me into shaving his beard. They shaved his mustache because of the tape that is holding eveything in place. They didn’t like the idea that they had to wipe the drool out his beard. I told them if they touched it I would clean house. It is the one thing that he is very attached to and so am I. It is part of his identity. This thing has taken away his pride and dignity, now they want to take this from him all because they don’t want to clean him up. UGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I just wanted to thankyou again for the Info. God Bless All Of You Who Are Working To Help Us And Others Like Us. You Give Us Hope And Strength……………………..Piper