Got lucky last night!

August 25, 2008 at 9:19 am

Wow! Actually got lucky last night and slept 9 hours. :confused: Hmm! But that is my pattern! Will sleep good one night then go 3 days not sleeping. Got into the computer yesterday and looked up Sleep Diseases and Insomia Diseases. Actually found quite a bit on this disorder. Many people with auto-immune disorders can get this and it’s actually a symptom of disease going on. Sleep apnea can be the culprit, disease and depression.
I’m not really depressed about anything or have anything bothering me except this illness. So disease or sleep apnea is the culprit. Going to try some new things out. No more sweets for a while, no caffiene, no drinking of fluids before bedtime and no midnight snacks. No more day time naps either. See if that helps me get back on a normal sleeping pattern. But I still need the CPAP and think that might help also in my sleep.
But last night was a good night and I’m not going to complain! Hey! I got 9 hours! Woo hoo!:D