Gosh Cheryl! I really feel bad for you

January 12, 2009 at 7:42 pm

Gosh Cheryl! I really feel bad for you right now. I do know that when your disability runs out you might qualify for Medicaid until you can get on SSDI or SSI!
I went 3 longs years fighting with Social Security trying to get on Disability. I finally had to hire a lawyer just so I could get approved. And then he ended up getting a huge chunk out of that back pay leaving me with barely nothing left after I got stuck having to back pay all my medical bills.
It is truely frustrating for those that are disabled. We shouldn’t have to go through such bull in this world. We did not ask to be sick nor did we want it landing on our plate. And yet I truely feel that many of us get punished before we even get the benefit! After we paid into the system.
I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that something at least lets you have something without having to suffer as many have had to do. You certainly don’t diserve having to go through this! I hope something good happens.
I swear! If I could just win a big lottery ticket and one of those 120 Million Dollar ones. I would give you enough money to help you with those bills just until you got on Medicare! But have not gotten lucky hitting that ticket! If I do though.. you will be one I certainly would try to help! Hugs
Linda H