Gortex graph…Hey Fred

April 14, 2009 at 3:11 am

I’ve had a gortex graph for over a year now. At first I had a little trouble with it because of some narrowing above the graph. I went to the regular cath lab to have it maintenanced & they tried to keep it open, but were unsuccessful…big mistake on my part. After 2 attempts with the cath lab, I went and talked to the surgeon who put it in. He said it was an easy fix. He indicated the cath lab just wasn’t doing the correct procedure to open it up. I went in for day surgery & the surgeon fixed the narrowing with a stint. That was 11 mos ago. I’ve not had a problem since. It should be noted that I am prone to blood clots, having numerous clots over the years, & I haven’t had a problem since the stint despite the fact that I’ve been off warfarin for a year now. I will say that if you do go with a graph, make sure you have an excellent surgeon who is capable of fixing the graph. I was told before the original graph placement that sometimes the graphs become unusable, but I’ve not met anyone who has had that problem, nor do I have that problem. Good luck!