December 21, 2009 at 7:32 am

I am disappointed to hear that. At the GBS/CIDP symposium in Chicago last November, He seemed really focused and trying what really worked for the patient. I don’t know the blow by blow of your visit with him.

When I saw my first real neuro. I said nothing and let him ask the questions and examine me. I tend to blab on and feel that the Dr. could hone in on one specific thing you tell him and run with it. Basically play dumb and say why am I like this. there was alot I could have told him but sometimes the patient can sound like a customer at the drive thru. Wa, Wa, Whoah!

Too much information at once can be overwhelming I believe.

I also noticed I get different tones from the Dr. every time I go. they are moody and perhaps he had a bad day. They may say one thing one visit and then do a 180 the next. We all go into the office expecting the visit to go a particular way. So , I DON’T rehearse for my visits. I do have high points I plan to get across though and won’t leave until they have been brought up at a minimum.

Sorry again. I don’t know what to say. It takes months to get one of them darn appointments and that one sounds like a disappointment.–tim–