Goodney? And Jeanbell….

May 7, 2011 at 7:52 pm

First off? Goodney? One can only be a ‘crusader’ for soo long. The ‘opposition’ is large and massive. That you could win? Is definitely credit to your skills and persistence!
Jeanbell? I did research tho w/less concrete evidence than you have? But, I knew after consulting w/two top notch liability attorneys in the area? It’s mostly a ‘he-said, she-said’ sort of issue. None of it based on facts nor anything GIVEN from doc to patient [of course NOT] to give the patient a ‘handle’ on their issues. However? As I encountered other neuro’s and my only comment was to these prior docs? ‘We DID NOT COMMUNICATE well at ALL’? Well, it got the point across. I’ve long suspected and have had confirmation in two different medical areas? That docs are worse than ‘church ladies’ at times. They talk about US! A doc gets more than a dozen patients who ‘aren’t communicating’ w/a certain specialist? You gotta KNOW that the TOM-TOM drums go out and all others are on the lookout!
I truly do believe that this first neuro did only the ‘basic minimum’ and came to a ‘basic minimum’ diagnosis…which was two steps short of finding a real diagnosis! He’d rathered I be too drugged to care or seek other help, in this, I truly believe. Word of mouth? Can quietly do more damages than law suits at times. AND It’s cheaper. In all this tho? One must be careful? As if you apply for disability? This turkey could claim you to be a drug seeking psycho. Some do this only to protect their rep… onus is on you to defend your reputation in all the disability wheels that squeak and groan in their own procedures.
I say this not only from my own experiences but, from the many experiences I’ve read over the many years I’ve had such a severe neuropathy and all it complicates.
Establish your priorities, get diagnosed? Get treated? Then…get even.
I truly wish you energy and strength AND one heck of a good Attorney! You will need it ALL to win a law suit. YOU are far, far braver than I am, for sure!
Hope and wishes for good things soon!