good tips from others

December 17, 2008 at 10:08 pm

I echo the others suggestions. Especially premed with tylenol and benedryl, and repeating it for any flu like symptoms.

I have had all of the symptoms you indicate, except until recently my BP would plummet. Additionally I have had nausea, diarrhea, vomitting, and migranes.

For chills and shakes I have piled on the blankets and used a heating pad, worn hats and gloves.

For GI stuff I find pepto helps me greatly.

For the extreme thirst I find i must pay attention to hydration and electolyte levels for 2 days before and after and infusion. I like E-Lyte electorlyte concentrate. It is often available through natural foods specialty stores of pharmacies, of online.

I eat hot brown rice cereal most infusion mornings, and bland easy to digest food throughout the day.

I do sleep much of infusion day form the benedryl and from the foreign proteins that my body is processing. If I sleep on infusion day, I recover better.

Also, sometimes with a new batch of ivig I will have a harder reaction, the first time and then do better following days.

I did my loading dose over 4 days, with the first month and then followed with one infusion per week, 4 per month.

The first time was really exhausting. By spacing out doses over the month, things got easier, and my recovery time was shortened.

I also agree with the others abt finding the brand of ivig that works best for you.

Like you, I am not a good candidate for steroids due to multiple autoimmune diseases. I have made wonderful recovery of function in the past 20 months. I wish the same to you!