Good thoughts, Emma

July 27, 2008 at 10:37 pm

The Docs poo poo “different brands” theory, BUT, the gal that runs the infusion center mentioned, specifically, some patients responding BETTER to GammaGuauard, but more consitently, mojority to Octigam (my bet, it’s cheaper?)

ANYWAY, yes they’s Benedryl me beforehand. I can, honestly say, I mighta felt better one the last week out of four, after a trearment, but, two months “dry” just the Prebdisonne, I feel about the same? Troble is the Prendisone is breaking me down, otherwise- and losing it’s effectiveness>

ANYWAY, John Hopkinds Spec is recommending CellCept, Dr her local doesn’t “Like it” and is warning of possible “PML” yet won’t quote odds? waiting for call back from CDC on stats before I Jump on it.

Your thoughts an prayers are appreciated, my prayers are that you continue to improve. (Lone Ranger w no Tonto, no Wahini, unable to ride range- can’t even saddle stove!)