Good thinking Exosurf…and others…

April 18, 2011 at 6:39 pm

IVIG is only as good as how it’s prepared and given…it does NOT affect weight, bone strength & growth, or other systems as do some steroids…
And, yes, it can be poorly ‘kept’ and administered? But I believe most folks here know of the warning signs or have experienced some adverse affects of infusion, be they too fast or wrong brand or reactions of some types. I think that the odds of any reaction let alone ‘dying’? Are one in well over 4,000? Likely the odds are even higher to NOT die from an infusion than many other things in life.
As for safety? Mad cow is an old and very dead issue…gone in the very earlly 2000’s! Just go and look up any blood bank’s application form these days… Then check out the FDA’s rules and regs for ‘blood products’. They are extensive and VERY controlled.
Most infusions ‘clinics’ in my region are either thru doctors offices or hospitals. And I’ve also read MY STATES’ rules and regs as to how they are licensed to run the administration of our ‘blood products’ into US.
To be honest? I’d likely rather go and get an infusion at an outpatient dialysis clinic than a MDA clinic? An MS clinic? Maybe, tho they no longer ‘experiment’ using IVIG, other products are infused in such places… But, that is one person’s opinion.
Good luck one and all! It’s such a cloudy fish-bowl out there.