Good that you are getting around better

December 21, 2008 at 12:32 pm

that is a very good sign. Probably an overstretched tendon or cartilidge. Be careful how you walk, try and walk straight? Easier said than done, but once you get into bad walking and posture habits, well things compound on other issues and I would ask, no, DEMAND my docs for PT. You likely wouldn’t start until after the new year tho, once all the swelling goes down. PT can help you avoid keeping bad walking habits that compensate for the pain and can strengthen the surrounding muscles/tendons/cartiliges to adapt to any damage you mite have. Seeing a good orthopedic surgeon is a good bet – It was my ortho I had called for help – I by-passed my GP as I knew she’d just refer me to the ortho? DUH? The ortho knows knee joints better than any other doc, and since we have to walk? Well, go to the gurus…. Use your leg as much as possible, because if you don’t? You will lose what strength you have, if not lose some anyhow-BUT be cautious, if it protests, stop. Therefore, the PT stuff once you’re ready will help immensely. It can be like learning how to ‘walk’ all over again! I’ve done this three times so far [only one before CIDP, but a biggie] and I always keep in mind that docs don’t THINK of the PT! But, I’ve never had a doc say no to it when I’ve asked.
I won’t go into details about housekeeping with bum legs/feet tho…just that I did 1/2 the living room and napped, the other 1/2, another nap…etc. Washing the special dishes etc I try to do a week ahead and in bits. Lots of bits add up if you keep at it.
Do Lidoderm patches help with this hand pain at all? They can deaden things pretty well at times-tho, at others they don’t do a thing. Worth a try?
As others have said? NO deep knee bending? And, NO clumsiness are allowed for at least three weeks! Hope this all helps!