Good stuff!

September 19, 2008 at 6:55 am

Hi there Deano,
thats all good to hear. Yes our perceptions definately can change given a wee curve ball thrown into our lifes like CIDP. I for one dont even begrudge the housework now, infact as i vaccumm i love the feeling of having so much strength, (not to mention just control of the blimen thing) that i turn the stereo up and go for it with a few wee fancy toe taps thrown in as well!!! Also some may think my live must be pretty sad when they see the thrill i get at being cleared to go back to work on normal duties!!!.
Heres to our strength continuing and discovering this REMISSION we hear about.
All the best
(off to the mountain tomorrow for a week with family for their first experiences of skiing – a true test of strength will be if i can get up once i face plant into the snow – heres hoping theres some gorgeous ski patrol on hand if needed!!!!!!!!!)