good nutrition & other stuff

July 27, 2006 at 6:57 am

hmmm.. this one will be a problem. i have [U]never[/U] had good nutrition. my idea of a good meal is one that comes in a box (ie, mac & cheese, any type of pasta with sauce, hamburger helper, etc) or pizza 😮 i do take vitamins, so hopefully that will help keep me a little more “nutritious”…

thanx for everybody’s welcome. i doubt i will be able to stop coming back to the forum now that i found it. it is hard to read others’ stories, though, knowing that they are worse than mine & there’s nothing that i can do about it…

it seems like the forum is a very helpful & resourceful place to be. i’ve never joined one before, but i can see why people like them. you don’t get the normal website mumbo jumbo that has to be “perfect” to avoid lawsuits. you get real life, real experiences, real people… i really like that.

thanx again, lisa 🙂