Good News perhaps?

January 22, 2008 at 12:03 pm

I finally received the missing results for the last blood tests. Anti-MAG IgM dropped by 20%. This is the same percentage as all of the IgM. I’m trying to understand what this might mean. Rituxan removes B–cells and following treatment antibodies would get depleted slowly since no new ones are being produced. I expected this to happen faster since the half-life of IgM antibodies is 5 – 10 days and it’s been two months since I finished treatment. It is quite possible that the Rituxan did not remove all the B- cells and some of them are still producing antibodies.

Regardless, the fact that the overall number of IgM dropped by the same percentage as anti-MAG IgM seems to indicate that Rituxan got to the aberrant B-cells along with the good ones. Does this make sense?

The numbers also mean that there are still 80% anti-MAG IgM in circulation. This would explain why symptoms have continued to deteriorate.

PS I updated the chart I posted earlier. I also included the results of the immunofixation.