Good Neuros

June 1, 2007 at 2:41 pm

I just e-mailed Sylvia about our Neuro in San Diego. Hopefully it will help her.
This doc is very good. He is Patrick Delaney, the director of the Neuro Science Center at Alvarado Hospital. He is part of the UCSD Medical Center Doctors.
He was very friendly asked lots of questions and was very honest and up front about what was happening to Nate and what to expect.
I have trouble finding good docs for Nate but once I do, I hang on to them and refer them to anyone who is looking for one.
The good ones deserve it, IMO Nates old neuro will never be recommended by us. He told me looking on the internet for info about GBS was a “very dangerous thing to do”. ???????????
Trudy, natesmom