Good Morning

August 22, 2008 at 10:18 am

Linda is so right in all she had to say. I had worked at the same hospital for 34 yrs. I have been an RN for 21 yrs. I was the day shift unit manager in the emergency room. We were a very busy ER. Saw usually well over 40,000 pt’s a yr. My job was very stressful, not only mentally but physically.

I was hospitalized for 1 mo. I had been home about 2 weeks when my boss called me,(not in person), to tell me they were replacing me in my position, because it was a management position & I could not give them a time frame when I would be back to work. I wasdevistated. This was my dream job the job I had worked for for several years. right where I wanted to be.

But now only 1 yr. after becoming ill I received a letter in June from the hospital telling me I no longer will be employeed with them. So the moral to the story even after 34 yrs. of employment you are just a number to some people. I would have thought they could have given me a little more time to recover. Am I anywhere ready to go back to work NO, but at least I would have felt like someone at least cared about me & my welfare. NOT!!!:rolleyes:

So MDM I hope things go better for you. I hope your recoverey con’t to zoom along & you are back to work when you are ready. Get plenty of rest and Good Luck!