good info!

September 29, 2007 at 8:10 am

Dear Ron, Liz, Miami Girl, Limekat, and Homeagain – Thank you each for your posts, they are so helpful! I continue to be surprised by how “right-on-the-money” this forum’s participants are – and you would think that after four years I would know that!!
LimeKat and Homeagain, thank you for PMs – I have answered each one, hope you got them.
Miami Girl, your specific info is so helpful because there are so many matching stats from meds to weight.
Ron, I hadn’t heard about a regimen like yours and will talk to the dr. who oversees my infusions.
Are you all saying that my neuro’s evaluation of strength – his only criterion for receiving IVIg – is not necessarily the only one by which you all are evaluated?
For the first time since being treated by this dr. – three years – I felt last week that he wasn’t hearing me. Not that he wasn’t listening, but that he wasn’t hearing me. I think I’m pretty plain spoken, and my sister was with me, but he didn’t want to hear about anything but strength. Have your docs emphasized strength in your evaluations?
Again, you all have my gratitude – Bonney