Good friends

October 31, 2006 at 1:37 pm

My son Nate and his bro Ben had been friends with two Brothers Arnie and Manny for about 8 yrs.
They spent many nights watching wrestling and eating pizza in my living room.
When Nate got sick, they came to see him, took him shopping, ate out with him and even helped stuff him in their car when the bus didn’t come.
It was quite an ordeal with Nate being a big guy and Arnie being a little flyweight person.
Arnie didn’t give up though. He struggled until he got Nate in the car.
Now that Nate is home, they text message him daily.
I hate to think of how it would affect Nate if he didn’t have them.
Now Arnie is getting married in a year and he has asked Nate to be his best man, walking or not.
To me, that is a true friend indeed.
Friends that leave you in a time of crisis are selfish, IMO.
They don’t realize that one day it could be them.