good days-bad days

July 9, 2007 at 7:22 am


I understand you perfectly, I also used to check my body every moment at day, until I found it was to lose time, those wasn’t make me feel better, only make me gets on my nerves, so I decide to live with all this.

At the beginning it was difficult, but nowadays I’m use to wake up and feel strange with my own body, but that’s what it is and I can’t do nothing to change it. The days I feel right I try to enjoy cooking, going out with friends, and enjoy life. The days I feel bad I just stay at home, have rest and the less pain I can.

The days and three or four days after I get my IVIG doses every two months, I feel really bad, so I just sleep, rest and just disappear for everybody, I don’t even answer the phone because I don’t want to talk to anybody. My family and friends knows it and just keep one eyes on me and leave me to recover and join the world again.

It’s good to vent how you feel, because we all learn from each other.

Sorry if I’ve made any mistake but I’m not English spoken.

Best wishes