Good chiros

May 7, 2007 at 7:42 pm

I have been to about 6 different ones in my 54 yr old lifetime. Some were very gentle, others not at all.
I believe that a good Chiropractor should be skilled enough to not have to be rough on you to the extent that he causes pain. It does not require a muscle bound guy to adjust you correctly, but rather one who is knowledgeable and can put you in the correct position to allow things to move easily without much pressure.
Our Chiropractor was a friend of my husband before I knew my husband so trusting him as a nice person was easy.
After I saw how skilled he was with nate, I knew he was good.
He was very gentle and not the least bit forceful. Nate really likes him and he has helped. That’s all we needed.
Trudy, natesmom