Golly! Thats sick..

March 16, 2011 at 10:25 pm

Defintely time to change neuros if you can? No doc should go off like that!
And all docs are used to patients in pain…so what caused him to get off on you? I’d report him to your insurance and state medical boards…but ONLY after you get settled into another practice …And I hope and pray you find someone more competent!
Dang it! Also that it sounds like me a few years ago, but w/o the histrionics of the docs…in that the ‘lump’ was found and had to go on the cancer roller coaster ride as well.
As for IVIG? It’s up to that neuro to DO the complete paperwork on your behalf… to get the stuff for you. IF your insurance doesn’t cover it all? It’s up to you to pay the difference or seek assistance from the IVIG provider if you meet their criteria for aid. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO with the pre-approval or clearances.
I truly hope your biopsy comes out as either negative or what my ocon called ‘TAME’. I like tame in the overall context. Worst part is the waiting! For test results? It can take 5-20 days for results to come back. Once you get answers? There are other states of panic to wade thru too….
In the meantime? I carry that cane both for balance and assitance, but possibly just the ‘thought’ of using it at times [tho I’d never!] can be comforting! 😀
Turn yourself down a couple of notches, you can’t change what’s happening? But you can find out about it all, then find GOOD docs to help you deal with it all! All of it is NOT FUN, by any means, but the cooler and calmer and more informed you are about any and all aspects? You can get thru it.. granted? It’s not always graceful? But once you get out of this tunnel? There will be some daylite! Pulling for you, any way I can!