Going to the cardiologist…

June 4, 2007 at 9:27 pm

is a good thing to have checked off your list… Be sure to get copies of those ‘baseline tests’ for any subsequent visits to other specialists in the future. Vascular issues can be caused by cardiac issues, or in many cases inactivity…I too have it checked off ‘my list’ but, that doesn’t mean it might not be an issue in the future.
I tend to think of it this way…it’s one more ‘thing’ off the ‘list’!
I think kids are truly intuitive about such things, as are our pets. While you can’t explain even the basics of what is going on to your cat or dog – they simply KNOW, and are near you like glue. Kids, well, you can try to explain in the simplist of terms, and as they ask questions…well try to put it into terms they can grasp, use lots of analogies to things in their life that they can relate to… With a little practice, I bet you will be suprised at how sensible and smart they can/will be about it.