God’s Attributes

October 8, 2008 at 5:25 pm

I had a little set back last week and had to go in for my back-to-back PE’s earlier than wanted. I was really bummed out. 🙁 I’m recovering now and starting to feel good again and regain my strength and feeling. My wife was bummed out too, but her spirit has recovered. CIDP is a horrible disease. May God richly bless you all who are dealing with CIDP/GBS: healing, strength, encouragement, peace, patience, comfort.

I’ve been praying for the requests you have posted, sorry I don’t let you know that more often.

I’ve been studying Psalms, specifically looking for God’s attributes in them. Attributes means nature or character. They tell us who God is and how he operates. Through them you can know God. [B]Psalm 150 [/B]says that:
God is in his sanctuary; his mighty heavens. It also says that He is powerful and surpassingly great. He is [B]all [/B]powerful and no one here on earth or in the spiritual realm is greater.

How awesome is that? It’s something I need to keep in mind even though I’m sick.

[B]Psalm 150 [/B]says that we should (in response to these attributes of God) Praise Him with music.

Sing a song of praise to our mighty surpassingly great God with me tonight… and keep prayin’. He loves us and can meet all our needs.