Go to ER

February 15, 2008 at 11:47 am

[FONT=”Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=”2″]Chris,
Let me tell you a scary story.
I first went to small local hospital via ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack (Unbearable upper chest and back pain, numbness, tingling and weakness in legs and arms). ER staff declined to admit me when it was determined not to be heart attack. Hours later found wandering in parking lot of same facility, eventually admitted to hosp. Had gall bladder surgery :confused: , requests for neuorologic consultation ignored.
Went home, ambulance back to same hosp. Treated for possible infection from surgery, put on patient administered morphine pump. Requests to see neurologist again ignored, sent home after 4 days. Collapsed completely 2 days later.
Next attempt, ambulance refused to take me to larger hospital ( too far away) so back to what I now think of a Hell Hospital, where I was lectured about managing my pain medication, ignored when I said I couldn’t walk or stand, then shunted off to a side room for 4 hours till my friend showed up and demanded an ambulance to the big hospital.
There I was taken directly to express admit and seen by an entire team of specialists. These are the same wonderful people who are still managing my care after 8 long months.
Initial lumbar puncture showed no elevated protein levels in the CSF, but the other symptoms were, symetrical ascending paralysis which had reached the lower trunk and upper arms, and an EMG suggested GBS.
5 intensive IvIg treatments (3 in ICU) and effective pain management (morphine) and many more tests.
Though I have had relapses, and my dx has changed to CIDP, I am back to 85% and will be able to go back to work next month.:)
This has been rather long winded, but want to stress to you the importance of getting treatment NOW. Get a firm diagnosis, and do it somewhere big, preferably a hospital that is connected to a University or a teaching hospital like mine here in Pennsylvania.[/SIZE][/FONT]