Go to another Neurologist

November 7, 2008 at 9:15 pm


The first Neurologist I was sent to told me after many tests he was 99% sure I had Myathenias Gravis. He was waiting for one more lab test to confirm. When the tests did not confirm he said he did not know what I had. He did say there was another Neurologist in the DFW metroplex I might see but it was very difficult to get in.

The second Neurologist was Dr. Alan Martin with Texas Neurology. He is located at 6301 Gaston Ave, Dallas 214 827-3610. He diagnosed me with CIDP. I was amazed that the first Neurologist did not have a clue!

Also, there is gentleman posting on the forum “lostingotham” who is also in Dallas that is seeing a doctor at Presbyterian Hospital and he gives the doctor’s name and # on a thread he started–look up lostingotham on the Member list.

I see you are from Texas but I do not know where exactly. There is another gentleman from Houston that posts on this forum. I believe his name is Gary. I am sure he would share the name of his doctor.

Again, it is still hard for me to understand how a neurologist would not know something about CIDP but I guess they all do not.

McKinney, TX