go for gold!!!!!!!

March 25, 2008 at 12:31 am

Hi there, i did get back to you didnt i??? Am still getting used to forums layout etc and finding my way around it. apologies if i didnt get back to you. see you are on line now so will keep this short and will add more later or pm you but basicially wanted to say

HANG IN THERE and ask for more ivig.

It is obvioulsy doing something for you as you do get imporvement even if is a little after day 3 – 4. i am always like that after a loading 5 day course although my last loading didnt do toooo much and then wee add other treatments ie methylpred and azathiaprine etc but kept up with the regular ivig (we were getting into desperation and total quadraplegic state by then), but as you know i think , i know have ivig maintanence mon and fri and am now running 1km. best i have been since struck with this 10mths ago.
trialled ivig for 6 wks for just once a week and deterioration set in again. back to twice weekly and am making great progress!!!!!!!!
will pm you soon but htink you have nothing to lose and possibly much to gain by trying more ivig.
talk soon

hey there again, am back after doing the dinner round with kids etc and checking on other threads.
you say you emailed me gab11 but i have checked my box and I havent received any email from you.
i did post a reply to you on your previous thread re how much ivig you can get etc, and you did respond to that reply. Am not sure if that is what you are refering to in your abouve post?
Am wishing you shortcuts in finding out the ‘correct potion’ you need to start getting your life back but unfortunately thru my experience at least, i know it can be a long crappy ride!.

stay strong and give it all a good shot.
and if having really bad day seek help, but take solace in fact you never have to look far to see others worse off?????
Kia kaha