Gloves for tired/ weak hands

November 29, 2010 at 2:08 am

I have CIDP and have had it for over ten years, finally got a proper diagnoses earlier this year. I have exactly the same issues with my hands as you described. The weakness, the numbness and of course the tremors are varied throughout the day. I start my morning just as you described, by flexing and making a fist over and over, a little better in the afternoon but by dinner time the weakness begins and along comes the tremors — what fun eating rice can be:)

I read on this site a couple of weeks ago that wearing gloves at night would help. I have only just started a couple of days ago but found that my hands were less stiff in the morning and in the evening when watching TV they were “more comfortable”. Might be worth a try. Because my diagnoses is so recent I am still trying to discover the best treatment (IViG didn’t work, on to the steroids).

Hang in there and good luck