glad your making some headway!!!!!

June 22, 2008 at 5:59 am

Hi Deanop,
was wondering how you were doing, glad things seem to be at least going in the right direction for you!!!
When i was started on the ‘pulse’ protocol i was informed it could take several weeks before any definate sign of progress was noted. Apparently depends on how much active inflammation there is etc as this has to be reduced to allow the messages thru so to speak. For me it was definately a very very slow gradual increase in strength, then in ability to do things etc that showed i was on the right track ie from not being able to lift finger against gravity, to be able to do this then to hold a pen, then to actually write etc.
So i would say definately take all your good improvement as a sign of atleast being on the right mediaction track somewhere. Have heard that it can take up to a year on methlypred before you can hit the remission phase, ie if after being on methylpred for more than 12 mths it would probably mean another form of treatment may be looked at. (I have currently been on it for 8 mths now plus other cidp drugs etc)
Every day i would attempt somehting that i hadnt been able to do the day before etc ie lift arms up high enough to clean teeth, where as acutally to clean teeth i needed to lower head to my arms which i had propped onto my knees etc to cleean teeth. As my strength and ability gradually increased I would already be moving onto the next mission. Yesterday i booked into what will be my 3rd duathlon in 7 weeks!
All the best, look forward to your next lot of progress notes.