glad you brought this up

April 13, 2010 at 10:43 pm

Hi, Nigel,
I am so glad you brought up this issue. The first time I had GBS in ’86, I had a condition which my doctor called Pemphigus – my skin became so thin that if my hand or leg brushed past a kitchen cabinet, the skin would rub off like wet tissue paper. It resolved itself months later. But I did not have any visible muscle wasting – thank goodness – since I lived in Florida.
Twenty years later when I got GBS again, I did not have any pemphigus yet now I have muscle wasting. I thought it was due to aging and lack of as much exercise. It is good to hear that it might be a result of the GBS rather than my sedentary state.
Like Dawn suggested, your hair loss might be due to your thyroid. But I would add that if you are getting it checked, ask for a FREE T-4 and FREE T-3 in your bloodwork. Most doctors do not request this and the results come back that the thyroid is fine, when it isn’t. The test show how much is FREE or available in the blood and not bound up. However, you can check your basal temperature upon rising and this will tell you how your thyroid is doing. I am helping someone whose bloodwork was great yet her hair was falling out It was her thyroid – her hair stopped falling out after she took some thyroid glandulars that I suggested. We determined the dosage by her morning temps.
I won’t spend more time going into how to do these tests correctly. There are other things you can do for the wasting…like not eating a carbohydrate when you eat a protein, etc