Glad I could explain…sort of?

December 5, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Just be prepared for the ones that will make your eyes go WIDE OPEN and make you take a sharp breathe of WHAT?
Either way, I take them as ‘healing’ charges. Not destructive ones. New nerves sending out signals asking where, what do I do now? NOW!?
My humble opinion is that any nerve that either hurts or feels is a good nerve? Those dead ones are a real disaster! And the scariest of all. But… as long as the muscles keep working? Keep them working! Your instinct is to ‘keep still’ -normal and sensible to a degree, but if they don’t work/aren’t working? Gotta work them to keep them in shape and their ‘patterns and memories’ going. P’s & M’s being how we keep moving and circulating the rest of ourselves. They remember as long as they are worked… Web up the basics and start from there…[muscle memory]
ASK for PT, and I hope to heaven that you can find and get a good one? It can and does soo much to make a difference…such as getting one out of the ‘duck walk’ dilemma…. Where you waddle more side-to-side? Than forward…
Keep at it, there IS hope! Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!