November 20, 2011 at 5:08 pm

at least you’re working toward possibly being treatment free one day:)
I’m not feeling that’s going to happen to me with the ivig only.
I am not exactly sure of the plasma x/c and or rituxin plan –will find out on the 16th. We only had a brief phone conversation discussing it, i was at work, did not have a chance to get into a lot of detail.
After reading up on both, Im thinking maybe a few cycles of PE then rituxin after. There are some people on here who have gone into remission from the PE –but im not getting my hopes up because i know thats not the norm.
I have more faith in the rituxin, seems there’s been some good results with this.
If I was in worse shape, i would definitely apply for the sct. I do not think I am affected enough at this point to qualify.