Getting treatments is a two-way street….

July 27, 2010 at 10:01 pm

First, the patient=YOU must be prepared…meaning hydration beyond your normal expectations… I mean HYDRATED! The more fluids IN you? The easier you are to ‘stick’ even if you aren’t a ‘good stick’. By Hydrate? I mean to the point of almost sloshing! A pint of Gatorade helps in the prep phase for me as well. Then, just be near a bathroom facility as you will need it!
Second…is if the dose prescribed for you is working…Hard call. look at past posts of others and their reactions to doses. Lots of docs tend to ‘under’ prescribe doses as a tentative ‘feeler’ to see if there’s any reaction. Getting and committing to IVIG can be both a ‘sticky’ and expensive issue for YOU and your insurance company. Ergo… you should get enuf IG to WORK or not have any reaction at all. Half doses don’t cut it in this corner.. Go to the ‘search’ feature on the top blue band and search up ‘Loading Dose’… One should get a proper multi-day loading dose to start off? Then go on a 3-2-1 day dose infusion on some regular basis…every 4,3 or 2 weeks as blood tests, doses and results dictate.
I currently have home infusions, It’s good because the pre-dosing of anti-histamines and such do make one a tad zonky. Also I do plan and spoil my home infusion nurse with good pastries that are fresh and yummy, plus freshly brewed coffee. I don’t think it ever hurts to spoil your nurses! Bribery and respect can get you thru a lot! BTW? I get my infusions every 28 days or else!
Good luck and heart to all…. Keep on slogging! – homeagain