Getting ‘stuck’ too often? HAH!

July 27, 2010 at 7:03 pm

I’ve been ‘stuck’ EACH day I’ve had IVIG until early last winter, when I’d gotten a port put in…soo much easier? But, I kept getting stuck for 6+ years because the IVIG ultimately helped me to get, keep and still WALK!
Now, granted, port installment is an ‘outpatient’ procedure? [I ran out of good ‘stick sites’, after 5 years] But it makes the ‘sticking’ heaps easier. Also, IF I could put up with all those ‘sticks’ when I’m the type that can pass out at the smell of the alcohol wipes? I dunno. Unless your husband has bruises at the ‘stick’ sites….if so? Call the infuser place and ask for a more experienced nurse-saying why.
CIDP [B][I]used to be called CHRONIC GBS[/I][/B] It’s changed in the last decade as CIDP and GBS have separate and distinct sub-sets of each condition. From 5 to 20 different ones in each category. Depends on which sites you find to check this all out. Maybe your neuro is ‘outdated’? Second opinion, if you can afford it mite be the way to get things going in the best directions.
Check out this web site to see what the diagnostic criteria are for CIDP then decide?
URL- This list and standards were compiled by a group of international NEUROLOGISTS trying to get a handle on the same things we are! There are some good guys out there-I truly hope one is near to you!
As for hammering your DH on the head? Better you get him to take the initiative and LEARN about this all for himself. The pity-party dance lasts only so long and no one wants to help you when you really need it later!
Go talk with your neuro about HIS issues and how he’s coping/not coping and go from there. He needs an outlet or way to get his mind and body to accept this stuff and not give up! BTW? I don’t use hammers, I USE SOLID INFO to get the key critical points across. That and hugs! Do let us know how things are going, please!