Getting IVIG in any way: Home, infusion center or hospital is hard!

June 5, 2010 at 5:59 pm

Medicare makes it harder from all I understand for the additional costs you’ve stated! It’s a ‘precaution’ from the payor viewpoint, because some folks can and do get IG reactions, at times severe [I did -IN A HOSPITAL? And they let me go home on my own!] I opted for home infusions after that! No brainer-but I’ll be entering the ‘medicare whirlwind’ soon enough and the protocol is outdated. Especially IF one does just fine at home?
I do know that going from hospital to home infusions cut about $2,000. off each bill to the insurance company? Where are the practical or ‘great’ brains dealing with adding up these sets of 2+2’s?
I truly wish I could help you in all this! I’ve yet to approach this sort of mess myself, and I am dreading the time!
The only help I can think of? Is the help sources at the magazine IG Living. I do know that they have helped me and many others in getting access to the right IG and the right resources to get things happening. But, You will have to do a lot of the legwork/phonework. They are very good at helping you get the IG you need!
Let us know how things work? or Work out? My heart is with you on this. It’s technical and exhausting territory to learn and work with or around.
Hugs and good things soon!