Getting frustrated!

May 30, 2006 at 7:08 pm

IVIG !!! OK now that I have that right and GBS sure is easier than trying to pronounce this awful syndrome. It’s been one week since he was hospitalized and will recieve his fourth treatment tonight. Here is my frustration, the Drs still aren’t 100% SURE IT IS gbs BC OF THE emg AND LUMBAR PUNCTURE RESULTS!!!!!!! Is he responding or is it my imagination and wishful thinking? He isn’t getting any worse, his legs,arms,speech/chewing are affected and he is in such terrible pain, recieving Morphine every 2 hrs. w/ Percocet in between, Ambien to sleep and Neurontin.

Is it GBS? Can the EMG and Lumbar Puncture be inconclusive? Can Prednisone throw off these results? He is a long term Prednisone user bc of severe Asthma.

Any advice?