Get away from those negative people…..

August 29, 2010 at 10:50 pm

There is nothing THEY can do to make you better. That does not mean you won’t get better in that area…it just means THEY do not have any more answers. So you find someone else …check out the Egoscue physical therapy methods…just a thought. It worked wonders for the golfer, Jack Nicholas.

The doctor said it was the worst case HE has seen in HIS career. How many patients has HE seen?? Maybe if he were a better doctor, your case would not have seen that bad to him?? Maybe they say that to save their butts in case THEY can’t get you better!!!

You’re in the 20% group that does not make a full recovery? Hogwash. Full means 100%. As we age, we are rarely at 100%. What if you recovered 90%? That would be good, right? I think there should be a law that allows us to kick any doctor in his shins that takes away our hope!! And we should publish in a newspaper what they said and then how we proved them Wrong. That might make them think twice about being so negative. If we tell our bodies what we expect to happen, it will try to comply. Miracles happen all the time. But, not if you listen to your doctor. I had a doctor tell me I had fleas and it was shingles!! He could not explain how the fleas were smart enough to follow the nerve pattern from my ear down my chest. I keep the prescription that he gave me for flea powder to remind me that doctors can be wrong!!!

I had 8 different doctors tell me I needed a hysterectomy for typical perimenopause symptoms. I said NO to all of them and I was right. Fifteen years later Dr. Christian Northrup on PBS said many of the hysterectomies are unnecessary. Doctors are not gods…and we have to stop thinking they are. And they are not psychic to “know” how well you will recover.

As for the PT…I could not stand for 4-5 months so I crawled on the floor at home. Actually I “scooted” for the first month because my legs were too weak to crawl. This was all the PT I had….I worried that after that amount of time, I wouldn’t be able to ever stand again because not having PT would allow my muscles to atrophy. Nope. Of course when I finally stood, it was only for second….but I stood. Then a few more seconds each day. I took it slowly. I know that people on this site getting PT have said that they do it through the pain. I took it slowly. To me, pain is your body’s way of telling you to stop.
Hope this helps…..