Get and keep copies

August 6, 2008 at 10:05 pm

of ALL your tests, bloodwork and others.
There are good programs out there [nearly all are free and should be] that can help you chart and map out your bloodwork from test to test and year to year. Some things creep up slowly, others change slowly or quickly. I tend to take note of those just above or below the “*”s and those that change fairly fast. Do keep in mind and keep a serious calendar of dr’s appts, test dates and when you started/stopped any meds. The combo med factor as you add a new one for a new problem can and does add up. You’d be surprised at how much you don’t remember 3months to 3 years later without them.
Charting out all the blood work results is a pain to do, but many docs like it to ‘see’ your blood histories and such. [It also helps YOU see some changes to watch on your own and ask about when right] You have to be careful tho, cause if a doc is ‘old fashioned’, well he/she’ll think you’re manic or something. Hummm to that! I always just simply put it out that I like to be aware and informed as best I can about what all is going on with me – and leave it at that.
As long as they don’t day ‘I’m calling an ambulance for you’ I figure I am going to be OK and slog on.
Sure hope this helps!