Gerd & Autonomic symptoms

October 22, 2008 at 12:39 am

This may help all of you. First as the caregiver my husband did have most of these problems when he was at his worst. Knowledge is very important and even though I mentioned some specific things that autonomic seemed to be a symptom of Bill’s everyone said no.I am talking e d. If you go to the web for University Hospitals In Cleveland there is a large article about their testing of autonomic disease and that they are specialists on it. some symptoms you may have and some you may not. Just look it up under google or directly to the hospital.
About Gerd. I have it and so did Bill when he was going thru his sepsis.(blood disease).He started taking tums or whatever he could get to stop it. there are several presriptions out there for this. Even though I do not have any neuropothy problems I would have Bill take one of my Gaviscons over the counter pill. Gerd is actually acid reflux better known as heart burn. He does not have any of those symptoms any more but still has the autonomic problems.

Even though he does not have cidp his nervous system problems are still a part of Amyloidosis. It can and does affect organs but also nervous system just like cidp.Hope this helps.