Gee! That’s how I spent last summer!

August 27, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Honestly, it’s awkward at any time, but worse somehow in the summer!
Finding good PT is getting harder and harder to do. I went to OK therapists after I got out of ‘rehab’ but they weren’t great! Neither rehab nor the outpatient PT’s had a clue! Almost had to ‘educate’ them to treat you. Strangely, I’d found a while ago, some therapists who’d worked with disabled Veterans and they were honestly the best and most curious about how my nerve and muscle problems were affected by the meds and the exhaustion. I hope that helps.

To be more honest? The IVIG was and has been the best part of any other things that have happened to me. W/my leg and the all the pins+rods, etc. and four other surgeries for small and big medical issues[over 5+ years], I think the IVIG has helped me to heal from those w/little or no complications. Just, if you can [?], wait 7-10 days after an infusion before any planned surgeries.
Good luck to you and… may you walk well and soon! Remember to do even the exercises you HATE to do? Those are likely the ones you need most to do. HUGS!