GBS with a side of Leftovers!!!

September 24, 2010 at 9:02 am

Mark, glad to be of assistance…I know it is hard to believe that one day you will be recovered…..but you will…especially since you are young and caught it in time. When I was on the floor those 4-5 months, I could not imagine how legs could hold people up…I was obsessed with watching legs on tv. Plus I did not have Physical therapy..unless you count scooting and crawling! Funny. Sometimes I get flashbacks and I look down at my legs and am amazed they are working!! Imagine how flamingoes must feel!!! JUst remember… expectations….it’s like waiting for the phone to ring….as long as you sit and wait, it doesn’t happen. Einstein never covered that topic…wish he would have!!
Sandeep, I enjoyed your imagery- it reminded me of a computer…to be down for a few minutes or hours….gotta reboot…..and I liked your use of the word “leftovers” It is like a meal…”I had GBS with a side of Leftovers!! Not going to order that again!!”